Driven Audiobook – Driven Series, Book 1

Dive into the seductive world of Driven audiobook by K. Bromberg narrated by Tatiana Sokolov. Follow Rylee and Colton as they navigate through love, lust, and hidden desires in this gripping tale meant for adult audiences only. With detailed scenes that will tempt your senses, this audiobook promises an unforgettable experience. Listen now for free on and let yourself be consumed by the irresistible chemistry between Rylee and Colton.

As the sun gently streamed through my bedroom window on a lazy Sunday morning, I found myself immersed in the captivating world of Driven audiobook by K. Bromberg. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, I embarked on a journey filled with passion, desire, and unexpected twists.

The story follows Rylee, a woman scarred by past heartbreaks, who has built walls around her heart to protect herself. Enter Colton Donavan, a charismatic man who bulldozes his way into her carefully constructed life without hesitation. The dynamic between Rylee’s resistance and Colton’s persistence creates a tension that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Bromberg masterfully weaves a tale of love, lust, and secrets that unfold with each chapter. The raw emotions and vulnerabilities of the characters drew me in, making me root for them even as they navigated through their own demons.

Narrated by Tatiana Sokolov, the audiobook comes alive with her expressive voice that captures the essence of each character flawlessly. Her narration adds depth to the already intense storyline, pulling me deeper into the tumultuous relationship between Rylee and Colton.

Driven is not just a romance novel; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you breathless and craving for more. Experience this electrifying journey for yourself on and get ready to be swept away by the passion and intrigue that awaits you.

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