Cross My Heart audiobook – The Westbrooks: Broken Hearts, Book 1

Get lost in the spellbinding world of Cross My Heart, penned by the brilliant Avery Maxwell. Allow Sophie Daniels and Tim Paige to lead you through a tale of love, risks, and the unyielding spirit of a man determined to protect his family. Dive deep into this heartfelt romance, available now on Don’t miss out on this emotional ride!

Nestled on my favorite chair at the corner of my room, with the rain gently tapping on the window, I delved into the romantic depths of Cross My Heart. Sophie Daniels and Tim Paige took turns pulling at my heartstrings, bringing the emotions of Avery Maxwell’s story to life. With each chapter, my heart raced, entangled in the sweet yet gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and the lengths one would go to for family.

It’s fascinating to see how Alex Cross, once a broken man, finds solace in the love of Bree. Their love story felt like a warm hug on a cold night, making me reminisce about the beauty of second chances. But life, as always, comes with its twists. The very thing that mends Alex’s heart becomes his vulnerability. The stakes? His newly found family and the love he holds dear.

The plot is a roller-coaster of emotions. From moments that make you sigh with love to moments that grip you with suspense, the story had me clinging to every word. I could almost feel Alex’s turmoil – the battle between his love and the looming danger that threatens to snatch away his happiness.

Though the narrative was beautifully rendered by both Daniels and Paige, a tiny part of me wished for a tad more distinction in voice modulation, especially for the female characters. However, the essence of the story remained undisturbed.

By the end of the audiobook, wrapped in my blanket with a cup of cocoa, I felt a deep connection to the characters and their journeys. A testament to the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit, Cross My Heart was an experience worth cherishing.

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