Cleopatra’s Moon Audiobook by Vicky A. Shecter

Step into ancient Egypt with Cleopatra’s Moon audiobook by Vicky A. Shecter narrated by Kirsten Potter. Follow Cleopatra Selene on her quest for identity and power amidst political intrigue and personal tribulations. Immerse yourself in this historical fiction gem that offers a fresh perspective on familiar tales. Dive into this captivating narrative for free on – an unforgettable journey awaits!

In the tranquility of a lazy Sunday afternoon, I found myself transported back in time to ancient Egypt through the captivating audiobook Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky A. Shecter. Nestled in my cozy hammock in the backyard, with the gentle rustling of leaves and birdsong as my background music, I embarked on a journey alongside Cleopatra Selene, a young girl thrust into a world of political intrigue and personal turmoil.

As Kirsten Potter’s voice narrated Selene’s story, I was drawn into her struggles and triumphs. The author expertly painted a vivid picture of Egypt under Cleopatra’s rule, showcasing its beauty and complexities through Selene’s eyes. From the lush landscapes to the intricate court politics, every detail came alive in my mind, making me feel like a silent observer in Selene’s tumultuous life.

The narrative skillfully shifted from Selene’s grief over her brother’s death to her resilience in navigating Roman society as an outsider. The challenges she faced resonated with me on a deep level – the longing for home, the desire for acceptance, and the constant threat of betrayal lurking around every corner. Despite being targeted by enemies and facing cruelty from those around her, Selene’s determination to reclaim her heritage and carve out her own destiny shone brightly throughout the story.

While I appreciated the immersive experience Cleopatra’s Moon offered, I couldn’t help but notice some shortcomings. The portrayal of Roman characters felt somewhat stereotypical, with every soldier painted as uniformly villainous. This lack of nuance detracted slightly from an otherwise engaging narrative that kept me invested till the very end.

Overall, Cleopatra’s Moon is a compelling tale of strength, resilience, and ambition set against the backdrop of ancient history. Teens enamored with historical fiction will find themselves enthralled by Selene’s journey, while adult listeners may also discover hidden gems within this YA novel.

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