Blood Song Audiobook – Raven’s Shadow, Book 1


Delve into the darkly enchanting world of Blood Song by Anthony Ryan, expertly narrated by Steven Brand. Follow Anya’s tumultuous journey as she grapples with her vampire nature and seeks solace amidst chaos. With Samantha Turret’s haunting narration adding depth to each character, this literary masterpiece promises to captivate your senses. Ready to be entranced? Listen and download for free on An unforgettable tale of love and sacrifice awaits!

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As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my cozy bedroom, I embarked on a captivating journey with Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. The soft rustle of leaves outside my window provided the perfect backdrop for immersing myself in this unique vampire tale narrated by Steven Brand.

Anya’s struggle to balance her humanity with her insatiable thirst for blood resonated deeply with me. Tempeste O’ Riley skillfully weaves a narrative where love and lust collide in a world teeming with undead creatures yearning for something they cannot fully comprehend – love. Anya’s internal battle to resist her primal urges while clinging to the preciousness of human life struck a chord within me.

Enter Nicholas, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness, steadfast in his belief in true love even in a realm dominated by lust. His quest for love in a desolate landscape mirrors our own search for connection and meaning in a world often consumed by superficial desires.

The dynamic between Declan, an enigmatic figure from the underworld, and Nicholas sets the stage for a gripping showdown between love and desire. Samantha Turret’s narration captures the essence of these bloodthirsty characters, infusing each word with an eerie yet alluring tone that keeps listeners on edge.

In Blood Song, Anthony Ryan crafts a tale where choices have weighty consequences and fate hangs delicately in the balance. The intricate dance between love and lust unfolds before us, leaving us spellbound until the very end.


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