Beneath Copper Falls Audiobook – Rock Harbor, Book 6

Dive into the heart-pounding suspense of Beneath Copper Falls audiobook by Colleen Coble. Join Dana Newell on her journey from turmoil to triumph as she navigates through danger and secrets in tranquil Rock Harbor. With Devon O’day’s captivating narration bringing each character to life, this audiobook promises an unforgettable listening experience. Ready to be swept away? Listen for free on and lose yourself in this riveting romantic suspense!

As the sun gently filtered through the lush greenery of my favorite garden spot, I immersed myself in the gripping world of Beneath Copper Falls audiobook by Colleen Coble. The tranquility of nature blended seamlessly with the suspenseful tale unfolding in my ears, creating a perfect harmony of relaxation and excitement.

Colleen Coble masterfully weaves a story of mystery and danger, keeping me on the edge of my seat with each unexpected twist. The character dynamics are rich and complex, drawing me deeper into their lives and struggles. Dana Newell’s journey from a 911 dispatcher seeking solace to a woman facing her past head-on resonated deeply with me. Her strength and resilience in the face of adversity were both inspiring and relatable.

Narrated by Devon O’day with impeccable skill, every word came to life with vivid clarity, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative. The length of 8 hours and 3 minutes flew by as I found myself completely engrossed in this thrilling audiobook.

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